Sports & Cultural Cell
Sports Cell
PCE has constituted a Sports Cell which is directly monitored by Professor and head of Training & Placement and Students Affairs. With the aid and advice of qualified and experienced coach and sportsmen which, through various outdoor and indoor games are conducted that keeps the students physically fit and mentally sportive.
Cultural Cell
This Cell also operates under the advice and close monitoring of the HOD, Training & Placement and Students affairs. Under this auspices of the cell several cultural activities like Orientation Program foe Freshers, external lectures, Annual Day and other cultural activities are undertaken.
Health Care
As efficiency, both mental and physical, is an absolute necessity, it should not only be developed but also maintained. Students in this Institute are being helped combat and prevent the impending psychometric maladies and serious physical disorders. To take care of emergency medical requirements, IGH, the Super specialty Hospital is situated in the close vicinity where both staff and students can be admitted in case of an emergency, Besides, the college has appointed an experienced Doctor who periodically visits the college and the Hostels, and gives necessary advice in case of minor aliments.

There is an efficient guide who helps each student explore and illuminate their inner strength with the knowledge and guidance of yoga, meditation, aerobics, diet etc.

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