Mechanical Engineering
Since it is one of the core Engineering branches and the present trend is stressed on IT related branches only, it was felt that there would be a dearth of Mechanical Engineers. With this in view a full fledged department of Mechanical Engineering has been set up with all major equipments that are required upto the 2nd year B. Tech program of BPUT. The following Laboratories are already set up and are being used for the 3rd Semester B. Tech Students of all disciplines.
Mechanical Lab.             

Mechanical Lab.             

Machine Shop              

Lab Facilities
Material Testing & Dynamics Lab
Heat Power & Thermal Engineering Lab
Material Testing & Dynamic Lab
Digital Universal testing machine of capacity 20 tons used for tensile test, bending test, compression test, shear test
Brinell hardness testing machine
Izode/ Charpy impact testing machine
Rockwell hardness testing machine
Flywheel to find moment of inertia
Beam deflection apparatus to determine Young's modulus of different materials
Heat Power & Thermal Engineering Lab
Diesel Engine Test Rig for heat balance and load test
Air Compressor- to find volumetric efficiency
2 stroke SI Engine (Cut Section) for study of different parts
4 stroke SI Engine (Cut Section) for study of different parts
Models of Babcock willcox boiler and Lancashire boiler for study
Thermo Couple Calibration apparatus
The following Machines are installed:
6 Nos of Lathe, 2 Nos of Milling apart from this there are Slotting, Surface Grinder, Planner Machines, Shaper, Power Hacksaw, Grinder, Pillar-type Drilling machine, Arc Welding machines and Gas Welding machines to help the students to perform all the required experiments with ease.
Head of Department
Prof. J.P. Mahapatra
Phone: 8260007090

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