Rules & Regulations
Conduct and Discipline Library and Book Bank Hostel & Mess
At a time three books can be issued to a student subject to the availability of the books.
Each student will get one number of library card against which he / she will take book from the library. At the time of issue, he / she has to deposit his / her library card in the issue section. The library card will be returned to the student only on the return of the book. Loss of card should be informed to the librarian, and Rs. 20/- will be charged for the issue of duplicate card.
The book issued against the card should be returned within two weeks. If the student is interested he/she may get it re-issued, if there is no demand for it by others in seriatem.
If the date of return is a holiday the book should be returned on the next working day.
Failure to return or reissue the book in time shall render the borrower liable to a fine of Re.1.00 per day of delay upto 7 days after the due date, after this 10% at prevailing cost of the book will be charged as fine per day per book.
If the book is lost, then the double the cost of the book shall be realized or the book has to be replaced by a new book.
Book Bank
Library is having a Book Bank facility. Though this facility a students can get a book by paying 25 % of the cost of the book and can keep the book till end of the particular 10r*semester . At the end of the particular semester the book has to be returned by a notified date. In case of loss or any damage of the book, the student will have to replace a new book or pay double the cost of the book.

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