Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Course Details          
The Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department is functioning since the academic year 2001-02. The present intake for Electrical and Electronics Engineering is sixty. The faculties in the department are dedicated and expertise in control system, power system; power Electronics & Drives, Electrical Machines etc. There is an active growing of research in the field of Control and Automation, Power Electronics & Drives, Power System Engineering etc. among faculty members. The department has well equipped with laboratories as per B.P.U.T curriculum. The final year students of the department undertake their minor and major projects focused on new development in the core branch inside the college premises using MATLAB & SIMULINK environment.
Basic Electrical & Machine Lab.  

Network & Instrumentation Lab. 

Power Electronics Lab.        

Control, Simulation & VLSI Lab. 
Basic Electrical Engineering lab Network & Devices lab
Electrical Machines lab Electrical & Electronics Measurement lab
Control and Instrumentation lab Power Electronics lab
Power System Engineering lab    
Instrumentation Lab
We have conventional measurement experiments as well as experiments on various transducers. 16 experiments are conducted in the labs.
Power Electronics Lab
There are 12 Power Kits for conducting 10 experiments at a time for the 5th Semester Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering & Electrical and Electronics Engineering students. In addition to the above kits there are 6 Power Scopes and 3 Analog cum digital storage Oscilloscopes in this laboratory.
Network & Instrumentation Lab
In this lab there are 5 Control System Kits and 5 Instrumentation Kits for conducting 10 experiments as per BPUT curriculum for the 5th Semester Electrical and Electronics Engineering students.
Control & Simulation Labusing Matlab
In this lab there are 30 nos. of latest Pentium - IV Personal Computers with 6.5 version MATLAB software to conduct 5 experiments as per the BPUT Syllabus for the 6th Semester EEE Students.
Electrical Machines Lab
It has 11 rotating machine sets and seven transformers. There are adequate number of measuring instruments and other accessories for conducting experiments.
Head of Department

Prof. P.K.Panigrahi

M.E (control system)
Contact No: 9861432688
Email id :

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