Civil Engineering

Development of a country requires first the In fractural facilities which starts with Civil Engineering work. In view of the rapid development of our country large scale construction  work is being taken up. This requires large number of Civil Engineers. When the education sector was opened up to Private Parties, large number of engineering Colleges were opened. These colleges opened mostly computer and Electronics related Branches. As a result there was an acute shortage of Civil Engineers  in the country in general and in the state of Odisha in particular. In order to fill this gap, Civil Engineering Branch was opened in this College in the year 2007-08 with a small intake of 30. The first batch of Civil Engineers passed out in 2010-11. The intake have now increased to 60 from 2012-13.
                        The Department is fully equipped with all laboratories as per requirements of the Biju Patnaik University of Technology.
                        The Department has the following Laboratories with all the required state-of-the-art equipments:

1. Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machine lab(common with Mechanical)
The equipments available are, Metacentric height appt, Appt. for determining hydraulic coefficients, Pipe friction appt, Minor losses appt, Force of jet appt, Pelton Turbine testrig, Francis Turbine testrig, Centrifugal pump testrig, Reciprocating pump testrig and gear pump test rig.
2. Concrete and Structural Engineering lab:

This laboratory has Concrete moulds for cube, cylindrical and Prism specimen along with curing tank and other accessories to prepare cement and concrete specimen. It has facilities for testing of cements and concrete, like fine and coarse sieves, sieve shaker, Blain’s air Permiability appt,  Vicat Needle appt, le-chatelier’s mould, le-chatelier’s flask, Flexure testing machine, Compression testing Machine, Slump test appt, compaction factor appt, flow table, Digital weighing balance and other accessories .

3. Transportation Engineering lab:
This lab is equipped with Centrifuge Extractor, Ring and ball appt, Automatic standard Penetrometer, Los angels abrasion Testing Machine, Aggregate Crushing value appt, Ductility Testing appt, Benkleman Beam appt, Merlin’s modified Roughness indicating Machine, specific gravity of aggregate with digital balance.
4. Geotechnical Engineering lab:
This lab is equipped with Atterberg’s limit appt, Hydrometer, Core cutter, Sand pouring cylinder, Proctor Compaction test, Proctor Needle, Relative Density appt, Direct shear appt, Triaxial Compression Test Machine (Universal Type), Unconfined Compression Test appt, Lab. Vane shear Test appt, Consolidation apps, CBR Test appt, Universal Permeameter, Hot air oven and all assesosies.
5. Environmental Engineering Lab:
This lab is equipped with, Water Testing Kit, BOD Incubator, Total Hardness Kit, water Bath, Noise meter, Chloroscope and all assesories and Chemicals. In addition, some experiments are conducted in Chemistry lab.
6. Surveying Lab:
This lab is equipped with, Metric Chain. Optical Square, Prismatic compass, Dumpy level, Plail table, Theodolite, Telescopic Staff, Ranging rods etc.
7. Material Testing Lab (Common with Mechanical):
Universal Testing M/C 10T and 100T, Brinels hardness Testing Machine, Rockwell hardness testing machine, Charpy Impact Testing M/C, Fatigue Test M/C
Civil engineering society
In addition to the curricular activities, there is a Civil Engineeringf Society formed by the students in 2010-11 for conducting non curricular academic activities like conducting Quiz Competition, Seminars and other academic related events. This is managed by an Executive Committee whose ex-officio President is the HOD of the Department. It has a Faculty Advisor and Secretary, Jt. Secretary, Treasurer and Executive Committee Members are the students from all classes of Civil Engineering. It also arranges Functions to welcome the freshers and to bid farewell to the Final year students every year.

The Society brings out an Annual magazine CESVISION since 2010 – 11, to which articles in Civil Engineering are contributed by the students and Staff.
Prof. (Dr.) B. Satapathy : Professor & HOD & PIC, Library
Prof. S. K. Das    :  Professor
Prof. (Ms) Resma Kujur             : Asst. Prof(II)
Prof. Debadutta patra               : Asst. Prof(II)
Prof. (Ms) Madhusmita Sahu   :

Asst. Prof(II)

Prof. Rabindra Nath Barik         :

Asst. Prof(II)

In addition to above Faculty, Prof. K.C.Barik and Prof.R.V.Burra also take part in the academic programmes of the Department.

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